Twisted Love

Outline for Twisted Love -12 true crime cases of love gone bad                             



            When thirty-five year old Ian Christian is sent to his birth place, Norfolk Island, Australia, to investigate the homicide of thirty-seven year old American Man-eater Ruthie Geil, with everyone who encountered Ruthie having reason to kill her.

            Little did Ian know, the victim’s ghost is haunting the Island and seeking revenge on those she believed wronged her. Ian falls for the victim’s sister Rosa, who is nothing like Ruthie.

            With a lengthy suspect list which includes Ian’s relatives and boyhood pals, his valor and morality are tested to the breaking point. Between finding the killer and the supernatural happenings plaguing the Island, Ian encounters treacherous situations, blackmail, a government cover-up, lust, lies, manipulation, and more murders.

              Solving Ruthie’s murder will prove heartbreaking for Ian, but is the only solution to restore Island peace, and lay the Norfolk Ghost to rest, once and for all. 

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                                    THE POSSESSION

            When twenty-six year old Bridgett Baalu, moves to Queens, New York, she believes she is finally free from her fathers sexual abuse, but she if wrong.  When she agrees to see her estranged father one last time, she realizes his perverted desires are now geared toward her young nieces and she cant allow that. When her father goes to her apartment to speak with Bridgett a fight ensures and Bridgett does a “Lorena Bobbitt” on her fifty-eight year old father Eric. 

            She flees her apartment, but first notifies 911 of her fathers condition. Paramedics rush to the scene, but arrive to late. Bridgett’s life from then on becomes a roller coaster ride after being arrested and charged with murder. When the media learns of the bizarre charges, the case becomes nationally known, with the media, citizens, police, relatives, and everyone taking sides.

            The Possession is the story of one woman’s fight to free herself from the chains of long term abuse while learning to love herself and others. 

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                                    HOME TOWN HERO

            When deaf eighteen year old Craig Short leaves home to attend the prestigious school for the deaf, little did his parents know it would be the death of him. Soon after arriving, the fun loving and well liked student is found murdered in his dorm room.

            Assigned to the case, is Detective Maker, the “arrest now and ask questions later” kind of cop with a sketchy performance record. The detective uncovers Craig was gay and belonged to a gay fraternity. Now the case becomes not just a hate crime against handicapped persons, but perhaps homosexuals also? This new discovery makes every student and staff member a suspect. Detective Maker is convinced Craig’s dear friend and fellow student nineteen year old Mitch is the killer and relentlessly pursues the man.  Soon another student is found murdered in his room, baffling the authorities and terrifying the college town knowing a serial killer is stocking campus.  Mitch is continuous hounded by Det. Maker even after being expelled from the college and returning to his out of state home.

            The crimes go unpunished for months until the killer slips up and is caught using his victims checks and credit cards. After viewing video cameras, the police arrest fellow deaf student twenty year old Joseph Gaulle bringing him to justice.

            Home town hero, deals with the aftermath of losing a loved one, of being wrongfully arrested and publicly shunned, and how each individual involved deals with the murders.

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                                    THE HOUSE ON SHADY LANE

            Taken from an unsolved cold case from 1871, this story involves the Allender family and how they murdered their way through life, posing as respectable citizens, until a stranger searching for his brother, uncovers their murderous ways.

            This story deals with how one family’s twisted love for greed drove them to murder, and how monstrous humans can be.

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                                    THE GIRL NOT FORGOTTEN

            When thirteen year old Cindy Buford, never comes home, it becomes a twenty year search for her and the person who took her.  This story deals with parental love and the dedication of one team of investigators who kept hope alive for one family and ended the reign of one man’s twisted love. 

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                                    THE SPELL CASTERS MURDERS

            When a wealthy Asian mother forty-two year old Sally Vu, and her daughter twenty-one year old Veronica Vu, are found murdered in their home, a  police expert in satanic rituals is brought in.  After discovering the woman are both well known spell casters within their Asian community, the case officers must hunt down those who paid for the women’s mystic services, and decipher the bizarre clues left on the bodies.

            This story deals with how one woman’s twisted love for revenge, destroyed others. 

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                                    ALL FOR THE FAMILY

            When the young single mother and bride twenty-one year old Casey discovers her bridegroom twenty-two year old Wayne Abbott, is being brought up on rape charges, she concocts the plan of faking Wayne’s death and collecting his life insurance, believing the two will live happily ever after in another state, but things go terrible wrong, landing them both in prison, and destroying everyone they loved.

            This story deals with the twisted love two people had for one another and the severe consequences caused by their wrong and gruesome choices.

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                                    THICKER THEN WATER?

            When the home of the neighborhood vigilante fifty-two year old Jenny Michaels, is set ablaze, it begins a string of odd and disturbing incidents, starting with the finding of the dismembered body inside the freezer of the burned home.  The lady of the house, plays dumb and blames the murder on her look alike sister, forty-nine year old Sara Richards, a “bad apple.” Only after sorting thru a mountain of lies, does the truth emerge, sending shock waves thru the town and devastating a family.

            This story deals with one woman’s twisted love for her sister‘s good life, and who allowed jealousy and obsession take over.

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                                    THE OTHER COUPLE’S

When forty year old parents Charlotte and Jeff, discover Charlotte has accidently been injected with another couple’s frozen embryo, their lives become a nightmare. They are torn between their love for the unborn child, a legal battle between them and the biological parents, and the emotional devastation this type of incident creates for both families.

            This story starts with countless uncertainties, but ends with love.

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                                     MAIL ORDER MURDER

            When eighteen year old mail order bride Anna Tonkov came to the U.S. from Russian little did the blonde beauty know that the man she married forty-two year old Lionel King who swore to love and protect her wanted her dead. 

            When Anna’s parents cannot contact their daughter they begin an odyssey of finding the truth, and bringing their daughter’s killer to justice.

            This story is about persons from two cultures, but who have the same goal-solving a murder and bringing justice for a loved one.


A true crime anthology

A true crime anthology

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