On-line dating. Adventurous or dangerous?

Hello all, I have been emailing 4 men from a certain dating site, and all 4 seem interesting. Two claim to be widowed and claim to be gemonologists. I wonder about that. How many gemologist does one meet in a lifetime, and I have met two the same week. Sometimes I think those two men are one in the same, and he’s just playing games. I one calls me directly and has claimed to be in Denmark as I am writing this post buying gems from a seller for $950,000. and reselling the gems for nearly 3 million. If that is true, I want to marry this guy. This is the first time I have tried on-line dating. Later this month I am meeting another man from this certain website in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, for a first date. I hope this works out because this man claims to be a doctor. I am husband hunting if you were wondering what was going on in my life. Wish me luck, and bye for now.


About JoAnne Myers

I currently live in Dallas, TX., and attend MediaTech Institute. Besides having 6 books by 2 publishing houses, I write alternative/punk rock lyrics, and canvas paint. I enjoy art in any form, music, and animals.
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