Twisted Love (second printing)

Hello, my true crime anthology, Twisted Love is a 336 page mind blowing read. This is the second printing for this riveting book. The new publisher is RJ Parker. Please pickup your copy today.

Outline for Twisted Love

                                   THE POSSESSION

When the young Bridgette Baalu moves to New York, she feels she is finally free from her father’s sexual abuse, but she is wrong.  When she discovers her fathers perverted desires are now geared toward her young nieces, she does a “Lorena Bobbitt” on her fifty-eight year old father Eric.  Bridgett’s life from then on becomes a roller coaster ride with everyone taking sides. The Possession is the story of one woman’s fight to free herself from the chains of long term abuse while learning to love herself.


When deaf eighteen year old Craig Short leaves home to attend the prestigious school for the deaf, little did his parents know it would be the death of him?

Assigned to the case, is Detective Maker, the “arrest now and ask questions later” kind of cop with a sketchy performance record. Home town hero, deals with the aftermath of losing a loved one, of being wrongfully arrested and publicly shunned, and how each individual involved deals with the murder.


When thirteen year old Cindy Buford, never comes home, it becomes a twenty year search for her and the person who took her.  This story deals with parental love and the dedication of one team of investigators who kept hope alive for one family and ended the reign of one man’s twisted love.


When a wealthy Asian mother and her daughter are found murdered in their home, a police expert in satanic rituals is brought in.  After discovering the woman are both well-known spell casters within their Asian community, the case officers must hunt down those who paid for the women’s mystic services, and decipher the bizarre clues left on the bodies. This story deals with how one woman’s twisted love for revenge, destroyed others.


When young bride twenty-one year old Casey discovers her bridegroom is being brought up on rape charges, she concocts the plan of faking Wayne’s death and collecting his life insurance, believing the two will live happily ever after in another state until things go terrible wrong. This story deals with the twisted love and greed two people had for one another and the devastating consequences caused by their wrong and gruesome choices.


When the home of the neighborhood vigilante fifty-two year old Jenny Michaels, is set ablaze, it begins a string of odd and disturbing incidents, starting with the finding of the dismembered body inside the freezer of the burned home. Only after sorting through a mountain of lies, does the truth emerge, sending shock waves thru the town and devastating a family. This story deals with one woman’s twisted obsession for her sister‘s good life.


When eighteen year old mail order bride Anna Tonkov came to the U.S. from Russian, little did the blonde beauty know, that the man she married and who swore to love and protect her, wanted her dead. When Anna’s parents cannot contact their daughter, they begin an odyssey of finding the truth, and bringing their daughter’s killer to justice. This story is about persons from different cultures having the same goal-solving a murder and bringing closure to a family.


Christina Sims, tired of her brother’ excuses concerning her beloved Christopher’s absence. She knows something terrible must have happened to her nephew with the sad blue eyes. Eventually, she exposes the brutal killer. But this flips Christina’s life upside down. This story depicts one woman’s courage to avenge a child’s murder, and save the remaining family.

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